Hi there.

Svlstg here... I paint photographs, direct film and try to create something that gives more time than it takes. I try to tell a story. Often it feels like I’m telling the same story, differently each time. About Freedom each time. I live in my own world. I’m picky and I have yet to learn how to kill a darling. I can be a very social guy, but often I’m not. I have great respect for people who ‘live in the now’. I tend to live in the future with my mind in the past. I am needy and often insecure, but I’ll fight hard not to show it. I have big dreams and high ambition, but I will not compromise to achieve anything.

When I’m alone I talk to myself, and often give myself motivational speeches – aloud. Nightingale. I draw ideas from my childhood memories and use the ideas for my photographs.

I spend way too much time writing the stories behind my photos, and searching for them in other peoples work. I am very judgmental towards photographers who doesn't try to tell stories or try to wake a thought or feeling in the viewer. I wish I wasn’t. It's dumb. I have a muse: My late mother. I can’t live without my son and daughter. I am in contact with all my emotions, even though it feels like I lost them long ago. I hope one day I will get to see my mom again so I can tell her: “I did it.” I arrange my life to do that; it’s my drive. I have made a lot of bad choices in my life so far, and I feel that I’m constantly making up for it. I’ve changed so much this last few years that I hardly know my self anymore. I sometimes wish I’d died at 27, but I didn’t. I love music. I idolize two artists: Sandro Botticelli and Helmut Newton. I have few friends. I love them. I often wonder if I’m going to make it, but I don’t really know what ‘it’ is. I love art, and I secretly love fashion. I really want to make a movie someday. I used to be called tomace. I’m not him anymore. 

SVLSTG is based on the Danish word “svulstig”, which descends from the word “svulst” (tumor). It can be used to describe the hardening of a muscle or the growth of a tumor. But it is also an exaggeration, excess, something boastful. SVLSTG is like a pair of glasses you put on when you look at the world. It’s a way to train your brain to discover when something is truly inspiring and most ingenious.


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